The Logos TMS

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myLogosys: the Logos TMS

myLogosys is the Logos Translation Management System (TMS) that connects people, processes and content into a single ecosystem for complete information sharing.


The Logos TMS includes:

  • Management and accounting apps for full management of all processes
  • An integrated system for quality control at all levels, based on the Logos ISO certified quality management system
  • Apps for the selection, certification and monitoring of our professional translators, reviewers and interpreters
  • Web services and connectors for integration with any web CMS or e-commerce platform to enable the automatic exchange of content within the framework of a continuous translation process
  • Translation tools and translation memory and terminology database management systems. We integrate the best technology on the market with apps developed by our in-house translation technology experts, for maximum efficiency and flexibility
  • Apps for validating translated content in order to optimize time to market
  • The system for hosting and sharing translation memories and terminology databases
  • Apps for measuring performance and service levels, and for generating reports and statistics
  • Apps for checking source content against glossaries, authoring memories and pre-defined language rules
  • Development area for in-house apps and custom solutions for adapting systems and processes to customer authoring formats and unique requirements.

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