A question of humanity

Technology: a question of humanity

We have always seen technology as a means, not an end: we do not sell software, we develop it to adapt our solutions to the needs of our customers. A tailor-made approach. 

We have always had the same goal: to simplify processes and "tailor" them to our customers’ needs.

myLogosys: the Logos TMS

the Logos TMS

myLogosys is the Logos Translation Management System (TMS) that connects people, processes and content into a single ecosystem for complete information sharing.

myLogosys: the customer portal

the customer portal

The myLogosys customer portal is a platform for planning and monitoring every stage of your projects: from content transfer to online quotation; from project start-up to progress monitoring; from translation delivery to online archiving; from translation validation to sharing corporate terminology and translation memory; from cost control to quality and service level measurement.

myTerm: your corporate terminology

myTerm: your
corporate terminology

Managing terminology means creating a common language to facilitate communication both inside and outside your organization. Our online platform, known as myTerm, facilitates the process of managing and sharing your corporate terminology.

myTM: your  translation memory

myTM: your
translation memory

Translation memory enables you to reuse content that you have already had translated, to guarantee consistency, quicker turnaround times and lower costs. We use it for all your projects for maximum results. myTM is the web application for sharing your translation memory with all the users who you authorize and who need to access your translated content.

Connectors and web services/APIs

and web services/APIs

We manage the multilingual translation of any content in any format, and thanks to our in-house team specializing in solution customization, we develop connectors and web services for integration with authoring software and platforms.



myAuthorAssistant is the application suite we have developed for automated language checking, which helps authors harmonize their content with a custom set of pre-defined rules and specifications.