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Logos for Banking & Finance - Words of banking & finance

The pace of change on the global economic stage, the spread of new, increasingly customized financial instruments and the cross-cutting activities undertaken by multinationals in the field of investor relations make it essential for the language service industry to update its know-how and terminology assets continuously and extensively, without neglecting equally important considerations, such as knowledge of the regulatory requirements of the countries to which documents are to be sent, and compliance with confidentiality clauses in the management of sensitive company data.


What we translate

For over 40 years we have been working alongside major international names, translating multilingual projects for all types of content.

Credit institutions:

  • Customer and investor communications
  • Informative material, digital and traditional marketing
  • Online banking
  • Payment system notices
  • Content relating to ancillary services such as mortgages and insurance packages
  • Regulations governing investment funds
  • Contracts


  • Life and social security policies
  • Financial notices
  • Regulations and compliance
  • Insurance forms
  • Contracts
  • Expert opinions

Consultancy, analysis and capital management companies:

  • Financial marketing documents
  • Company formation documents and association articles
  • Business plans
  • Financial reports and statements
  • Stakeholder notices and communications
  • Factsheets and economic reports

Other Banking & Finance solutions

Translations of websites, online platforms, financial blogs, press releases, news, interviews, training courses (eLearning).

Audio and video localization: subtitles, voice-overs, dubbing, transcription, adaptation of video graphics, audio and video mixing.

Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and chuchotage (whispered) interpretation, in all languages, either in person or remotely. For all events, whether conferences, meetings, workshops or press conferences..


How we work

We ensure that every stage of the process – which is fully integrated into the Logos translation management system, known as myLogosys – can be tracked at all times.

We assign projects to dedicated Project Managers, with industry experience and the know-how to successfully manage critical project factors.

We deploy dedicated teams of native-speaker professional translators, selected on the basis of:

  • Specialization in the financial industry
  • Consolidated experience with a minimum of 5 years’ professional practice
  • Residence in their mother-tongue country
  • Continuously updated, in-depth knowledge of financial matters: investment, insurance, private banking, wealth management, asset management, consulting, auditing, tax
  • Expertise in the translation of technical, legal and economic content

We coordinate and support our dedicated teams in using the best translation and terminology management technologies, to ensure high quality and consistency.

We measure the quality of our translations and service using regulatory and customer metrics and checklists.

Why Logos?

RELIABILITY – We share your goals, help you innovate and support you as a partner by listening, discussing your needs and proposing solutions.

QUALITY  – We are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 17100. Stringent standards, data security, traceability.

FLEXIBILITY  AND AGILITY – We organise our processes to meet your budget and time requirements.

– We combine the best technologies into a well balanced digital ecosystem in order to create an open, collaborative environment that can be integrated with any system already used by our customers.

How can Logos help?

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