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Every step in the customer journey needs the support of content that achieves its communication goals by being clear, concise, consistent and comprehensible. Irrespective of authoring tool, content type or publishing format, myAuthorAssistant helps you convey your message clearly and unequivocally.


Assisted authoring

myAuthorAssistant is a set of complementary language checking tools, which helps authors harmonise their content with a set of pre-defined rules and specifications. It includes specific apps for performing three types of check, covering phraseology, terminology and style.

  • myTM Checker
    Suggests re-using phrases from databases of previously written content.
  • MyTerm Checker
    Checks for disallowed terms and suggests the correct alternatives to ensure consistent use of terminology. This makes technical content clearer and easier to understand.
  • myLanguage Checker
    Checks content against grammatical rules, customisable language rules and a readability index. myLanguage Checker can be integrated with the Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) specifications or any other technical controlled language rules.

myAuthorAssistant can be integrated into any authoring environment, and enables content to be checked in real time as it is produced. Alternatively, you can send the completed text to the web app and obtain a report showing the results of each check carried out, together with suggestions on possible improvements you could make.

Why use it?


  • To improve the quality of your content
  • To ensure consistency of style and terminology
  • To create a corporate language that is shared across all departments
  • To dispense with superfluous text and information


  • Clearer, more comprehensible content for users and translators alike
  • Correct, precise terminology that avoids ambiguity
  • Enhanced corporate image and brand identity
  • Lower authoring and translation costs
  • Streamlined content review and validation cycles

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