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Vision and Values

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Our vision is to be a global leader in our industry based on delivering highest quality translation and localization services combined with exceptional customer service.

We strive for consistent quality, execution and constant innovation.

Consistent quality and execution will be assured through our company-wide quality management system supplemented with procedures designed to deliver best value. We will continuously measure and monitor our performance and seek continuous improvement.

We embrace the finest commercial tools for translation combined with home-grown technology to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of our solution. We provide clients with free, scalable and customizable tools to manage and track translation. We work to integrate translation within content creation processes, always promoting continuous translation with minimal manual intervention. We promote open standards for data exchange, as we believe knowledge-sharing is part of our solution. We seek technology that adds value and enables our professionals to focus on activities valued by our clients.

  • Our belief in talented people is simple, they are the success of our company. We value and recognize people who take ownership, show commitment and who are proactive as individuals and team players. We are committed to provide meaningful opportunities to acquire valuable new skills and challenges.
  • Partnerships are essential – The skill to serve our clients is built from our understanding of your needs.
  • Keeping partnerships is about maintaining trust with integrity - We will work with respect and integrity, openness and transparency. We strive to create long-term relationships based upon mutual respect, awareness, empathy, honesty, humor and kept promises.
  • Building partnerships is about listening and learning - We will listen to our clients and commit ourselves to consistently meeting or exceeding your expectations.
  • Prizing the value of knowledge – We will foster an environment and infrastructure to build, share and leverage knowledge, including fostering new training opportunities. These will sustain and drive the pursuit of excellence across our service solution.
  • Flexibility is important – Going that extra mile is critical. Our commitment to deliver is essential. We will invest in any new process that delivers better value to you. Our solution is scalable, customizable – delivered by a team of professionals dedicated to you – becoming a dependable and responsive part of your team.
  • Sustainability - We will be good stewards of our company's and communities' resources, embracing our responsibilities across our worldwide teams and locations.