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The Turtles Gallery

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What's below the turtle shell?

The turtle is the mascot of the Logos Group. It was originally created just for the fun of it before it went on to become the company's very symbol. We then decided to create a series of iconic commemorative turtles that eventually caught up and became a fixture, not to mention a great way to bolster the corporate image.

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In our line of work we rarely meet our collaborators in person so we decided to share the commemorative turtles with them in order to make them feel part of an extended community and also as a reminder of the historic events depicted in each installment.

In this way, we seek to strengthen our partnerships, which is a key aspect of our business.

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27th March 1855

Tartastorica 27th March 1855

It was on 27 March 1855, that Abraham Gesner received his first US patent for the production of kerosene, a combustable, hydrocarbon oil produced from bituminous shale and cannel coal. The word ‘kerosene’, registered as a trademark by Gesner, was derived from the Greek ‘keros’, meaning ‘wax’.

The term eventually became a genericised trademark, and is generally used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. In other regions, including the UK, South Africa and South-East Asia, it is more generally known as ‘paraffin’.

Kerosene is one of the most widely used fuels, used in diverse applications ranging from rocket engines to camping stoves. The fuel was originally developed by Gesner ‘for the purpose of illumination’, and this remains its most common use in rural Africa and Asia where electricity is not available or too costly. It is estimated that an incredible 77 billion litres of kerosene are burnt internationally per year for lighting purposes.