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The Turtles Gallery

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What's below the turtle shell?

The turtle is the mascot of the Logos Group. It was originally created just for the fun of it before it went on to become the company's very symbol. We then decided to create a series of iconic commemorative turtles that eventually caught up and became a fixture, not to mention a great way to bolster the corporate image.

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In our line of work we rarely meet our collaborators in person so we decided to share the commemorative turtles with them in order to make them feel part of an extended community and also as a reminder of the historic events depicted in each installment.

In this way, we seek to strengthen our partnerships, which is a key aspect of our business.

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25th July 1959

Tartastorica 25th July 1959

The Smurfs are fictional small, blue creatures two apples high and similar to gnomes, who live in houses shaped like mushrooms, in a village hidden from human eyes in a European forest during the Middle Ages. Almost all of them wear a cap and white pants, while their leader, Papa Smurf, is dressed in red. Their principal enemy is Gargamel, who, along with his cat Azrael, tries to capture them many times without success.

The original name, “Schtroumpfs”, was thought of in 1958, when Peyo, during a seaside vacation, asked a friend to pass him a salt shaker, which at the moment he couldn’t remember the name for. “Passe-moi le….schtroumpf” (“Pass me the….Smurf”), he said and broke out laughing. The friend jokingly replied “Here is your smurf. When you are done smurfing, re.smurf it in its place!”. After having jokingly used this silly term more than once during the same day, Peyo decided to make use of it.