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Terminology Management

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... to take a liberty with technical language is a crime against the clearness, precision, and beauty of perfected speech.  ...technical language is an instrument wrought into perfection by ages of experience, a flawless thing for its purpose.

The Mirror of the Sea, by Joseph Conrad


Why is terminology management important for translation?

Effective terminology management is the engine of a successful translation process and promotes quality, clarity and consistency in the original (source), which may be extended across translated (target) languages for global consistency. Terminology depends on people not technology.

What is a termbase?

A termbase is a repository of single words or short phrases that have a unique or a specific meaning, requiring clarification for correct and consistent usage.

A termbase is the result of a highly skilled process that may be assisted by tools, but depends on expertise and discipline.

A termbase should be authoritative and definitive and therefore be respected systematically by the content supply chain from content creators, translators through to ICRs (in-country reviewers). Terms should be accompanied by a set of descriptive fields that explain correct usage.