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Logos combines the finest market-leading components available today within open source solutions.

Our Translation Management System has been developed thanks to more than 40 years’ practical experience in translation. We fully acknowledge that technology plays a crucial if delicate role to optimize efficiencies whilst not disturbing the creative process of those deploying the solution. Capturing the skill of the translator is what we seek in our pursuit of excellence.

The Logos solution is not off-the-shelf. To add value through greater efficiency and ease of use, we customize each implementation around your processes, formats and unique business needs. We continuously fine-tune the approach based on feedback. Integration with your enterprise and content management systems ensures a seamless exchange of translation requests within a continuous translation process.

Why do we believe technology is part of the service?

We avoid the question whether technology or service comes first, by making them part of our solution. Our technology is provided freely as part of our service solution because without the resources, experience and time to implement and maintain your knowledge assets, we simply won’t make the best use of even the finest technology. To avoid technology as a black box, we assume the responsibility to ensure we translate and then transform your projects into a valuable knowledge repository.

We fully support de-facto industry standards promoting data exchange

This simply means you work with Logos thanks to a valued partnership that avoids any vendor lock. You always retain ownership of your knowledge assets that drive ongoing efficiencies and that may be deployed in whatever future business model works for you.

We share the process with you

We do this thanks to myLogosys, a range of collaborative components that give you access to workflow, status trackers, reporting (KPI/SLA), on-line review and terminology management, for example. Rely on Logos to manage your translation needs and we will provide you with the operational tools that give you a window into how we work as seamless partners.  Let us define the engine that will deliver best return on your investment when you entrust your translation needs to Logos.