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As a leading international and emerging translation company, sustainability for Logos means managing our language services across the world for the long term.

Logos is one of the oldest serving major language services providers on the modern world market. Despite our more than 40-year long history, we remain respectful of the value, impact and heritage of linguistic diversity in our world.  We seek the preservation of language resources through our Foundation.

Managing our business footprint and seeking an ethical leadership role within language services means we will not collaborate on military projects, nor operate to take advantage of people in areas of poverty in the world. We maintain an ethos based on balanced principles, putting integrity before profit.

Improving lives in the communities in which we operate, we seek to build strong networked communities for our people - our greatest asset - to develop professionally and personally for their talents to grow. At the heart of Logos, is our sense of a community network connecting our people, our clients into partnerships that evolve for long-term mutual benefit.