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Past & Future

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The Foundation began when Rodrigo Vergara founded the Logos Dictionary in 1999. Rodrigo's vision included:

  • A personal commitment to enshrine linguistic and cultural diversity in the world.
  • A mission to create the largest multilingual Dictionary, embracing languages universally - especially those on the verge of extinction due to globalization.
  • A pioneering use of the Internet in its day to embrace all forms of media - to collect, share and distribute knowledge, language and culture within a virtual community of people, committed to and interested in languages.
If we consider the Internet as the central nervous system of humanity and look at the construction of a multilingual dictionary from an organizational point of view, there are no obstacles, since all of us can search and add words to our dictionary freely online. In building a living dictionary that is universal and free of charge, we are constructing a tool and resource to maintain cultural diversity.

Rodrigo Vergara, Founder Logos Foundation & Logos Group (1999)

Today, Rodrigo and the Foundation continues its firm commitment to build resources by adding languages, dialects, media and content that helps our collective understanding and appreciation of language and culture. We do this thanks to the thousands of active contributors of our Foundation community.