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21 May

Logos Foundation Celebrates Language and Cultural Diversity

LOGOS GROUP is proud to announce the continued success of its Logos Foundation, celebrating humanity and diversity in our world. As a knowledge-oriented, non¬profit group, the Logos Foundation promotes cultural exchange and seeks to protect biodiversity by connecting the languages and dialects of the world into a community portal anyone can access. "We continuously seek to enhance our understanding of our world thanks to the languages we speak, the words we choose, their usage, meaning and their translation into other languages," says Rodrigo Vergara, Logos Foundation founder, CEO and President of Logos Group The Foundation has its roots in the Logos Dictionary, created in 1999, with its mission being to create the largest multilingual Dictionary available, embracing languages universally - especially those on the verge of extinction due to globalization. Logos was amongst the first to harness the Internet in its early days, as we have constantly sought to embrace all forms of media to collect, share and distribute knowledge, language and culture within a virtual community. The vision of the Logos Foundation:
  • To preserve the unique knowledge and experience contained within the language of a people, and their community - across their culture, literature, social and current affairs.
  • To provide an equal voice to all languages whether spoken by a majority or a minority.
  • To rank equally the most widely spoken languages side by side with those dialects on the verge of extinction due to globalization.
  • To promote linguistic and cultural diversity.
  • To encourage languages learning, especially among children
The Logos Foundation provides a range of free resources, including:
  • The Dictionary: Featuring 251 languages currently and genesis of the Logos Foundation
  • Logos Library: More than 700 million words within a library search resource, featuring multilingual novels, technical literature and translated texts.
  • Children's Dictionary: 180 languages.
  • Children's Library: Popular tales, fables and specially selected texts.
  • Logos Conjugator: Verb conjugation resource in 36 languages.
  • Logos Quotes: Famous quotations from many of the world's finest minds translated daily. Up to 155 languages.
  • Logos Poetry: Search a word in poetry collected across over 60 languages. Read more about the poet.
  • Arcoiris: Free on-demand internet TV resource with more than 11,000 films.
  • Professional Translation Course Vox Populi: On-line audio project, play and share on-line.
Today the Web-based community continues to thrive and grow thanks to many thousands of contributors speaking hundreds of different languages and dialects across the globe. The mission of the foundation is to record the languages and dialects of the world as an expression of our individuality and humanity - creating a wealth of culture rooted in locale. Operated as a non-for-profit initiative, the Logos Foundation promotes intercommunication among all who wish to share their knowledge about their language. The Foundation provides free access to search, refine and add to its collective knowledge about languages. Get connected today at and access millions of words freely across hundreds of languages combining static, dynamic and multimedia content, including images, audio tracks and videos. Join the Foundation community and help us preserve your language. For additional information, contact us at or visit us at