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20 Oct

Logos Awarded Global Translation Contract

by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO)

LOGOS announces global contract for translation services to Toyota Industries Corporation. The scope of the contract covers Toyota locations worldwide and all types of documentation from marketing through to technical documentation in 50 languages.

Toyota Industries Corporation is a leading transportation equipment company engaged primarily in the manufacture and sale of automobiles, materials handling equipment and textile machinery, as well as in the logistics business in Japan and internationally. For more information, visit “Logos is delighted to cement a global agreement with Toyota Industries Corporation, this contract is the culmination of a 10-year partnership serving Toyota in Europe and this is an excellent opportunity to consolidate our partnership worldwide”, reports Cinzia Bazzani, LOGOS Sales and Marketing Director.

“From account through project management, in-country subject matter expert translation, quality assurance review, desktop publishing and compilation professionals – LOGOS is setup to deliver TICO a dedicated team that builds true domain and content expertise,” continues Cinzia Bazzani. “LOGOS often works to shorter than standard timeframes without skimping on all necessary workflow steps to deliver highest quality consistently, working within or exceeding standard or mutually agreed SLA’s.”
Working closely with content creation teams to establish sound terminology management practices, global style guides, shared activity check lists and best practices are all initiatives that mean LOGOS delivers highest quality consistently but also opens the door to effective quality measurement report outs.

Cascade, Oregon USA – A long-standing Logos customer worldwide is being acquired by TICO. Cascade is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of materials handling attachments and replacement parts for the lift truck and construction industries worldwide. “LOGOS is in an ideal position to leverage our knowledge of TICO and Cascade - an excellent opportunity to consolidate translation expertise and knowledge assets to better serve TICO in the future and support with fully optimized cost effective localization solutions,” comments Diana Ballard, LOGOS Senior Global Account Director.