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20 Sep

Logos Measures Up to Metrics for Medical Device Leader

Logos continues to lead in Key Performance Indicators for Translation Efficiency in the Medical Device Sector

Since 2005, LOGOS has successfully partnered, in a preferred translation vendor capacity, with one of the world’s leading medical imaging, information technologies, diagnostic and patient monitoring companies.

In 2011, LOGOS managed 30 million words translated in 41 languages for this valued partner, generating an impressive 73% cost savings thanks to reuse by Translation Memory in our recently announced 2011 KPI report out. LOGOS delivered the lowest weighted word rate thanks to Translation Memory among all global translation partners. “Certainly, it is thanks to excellent content creation that we can reuse such high levels of translation. Single source publishing, content management systems and effective authoring best practices mean that LOGOS has worked closely and effectively alongside our stakeholders to develop mature localization processes together, even for newly adopted technologies such as DITA-XML, Arbortext/Astoria Content Management Systems. LOGOS has always been willing to invest in tools and processes to build shared best practices – always available to go that extra mile to deliver additional value to our service solution,” comments Cinzia Bazzani,  LOGOS Sales & Marketing Director.

“Working with LOGOS means partnering with a dedicated team – from account through project management, in-country subject matter expert translation, quality assurance review, desktop publishing and compilation professionals – LOGOS is setup to deliver a team that builds true domain and content expertise. LOGOS often works to shorter than standard timeframes without skimping on all necessary workflow steps to deliver highest quality consistently, working within or exceeding standard or mutually agreed SLA’s. This is our commitment”.

“Working closely with content creation teams to establish sound terminology management practices, global style guides, shared activity check lists and best practices are all initiatives that mean LOGOS delivers highest quality consistently but also opens the door to effective quality measurement statistics and reports”, concludes Cinzia.