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07 Jan

How Plain Language Creates Content that is Easy to Understand and Use

Join LOGOS in our free Webinar - January 20, 2015

Content strategy, as a field, has grown exponentially in the past three to five years. The focus on strategically developing and placing content to best represent the customer experience is laudable. However, the field of plain language can offer content strategists writing and designing strategies for creating understandable and usable content. Content that is clear, concise, and credible offers customers helpful and trustworthy information and offers companies true transparency.

Join us, for this free, one-hour web presentation featuring Plain Language expert Dr. Deborah Bosley. In this webinar, you will learn about: 1) the research that proves plain language works; 2) tips for writing in plain language; and 3) before and after examples that will help you learn how to write the content that best represents your company.

Dr. Deborah S. Bosley is Owner of and Principal in The Plain Language Group and Professor Emerita of Technical Communication at UNC Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina. As an international expert in the use of plain language, she has spent the past 20 years working in technical and financial regulatory environments helping attorneys, corporations, government agencies, and non-profits create written information that exceeds compliance standards and that is easy for people to understand and use. Using evidence-based writing and design strategies, training tools, usability testing, and research results, she helps Fortune 100/500 companies and government agencies achieve a number of critical goals including creating consumer-friendly, plain language information, increasing the writing abilities of employees, decreasing call-ins that waste time and dollars, meeting compliance standards, exceeding legal and regulatory requirements and avoiding liability from confusing documentation.