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18 Apr

Why Technology and Humanity Must Work Together

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Technology continues to reshape radically the way people and organizations communicate, including how, where, and what they read, listen to, and view. As machines and automated processes continue to encroach on what was once the exclusive domain of human knowledge workers, there is a constant tension between the push for standardization to leverage technology more fully and the desire to allow humans to do what they do best, which in the case of writers and translators, is to create compelling, useful content. How do you strike a balance between creativity and productivity or between creation and automation? 

Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for this free, one-hour webinar featuring two amazing guest presenters: Professor Barry Slaughter Olsen (Monterey Institute of International Studies) and global content strategy maven Diana Ballard (Logos Group). Both experts will explore the emerging partnership between human creativity and technology with an aim to provide some actionable steps you can take to prepare yourself (and your organization) for the unavoidable convergence.