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01 Feb

Latest Release of myLogosys Portal

Logos’ Commitment to Continuous Knowledge Management Innovation

As one of the best established brands in translation, Logos has a long history building localization and internationalization expertise over 33 years.  Logos was among the first language service providers to pioneer technology in Multilingual Knowledge Management. Logosys, the company’s enterprise workflow and multilingual content management solution was among the first of its kind. R&D at Logos was among the first to bring a Translation Memory editor to market. Early on, Logos understood the value of combining technologies with the Internet to connect communities to build and share knowledge powerhouses transcending geography or location. The Logos Foundation was the first non-profit organization to offer ground-breaking public resources to preserve linguistic and cultural diversity. The Foundation became a model for Logos professional service portals, creating interconnected ecosystems and virtual professional communities thanks to knowledge sharing. Role-based myLogosys is provided freely as part of Logos’ language services and has evolved into a suite of cloud-based, customizable applications designed to connect vital professional resources and valued clients around the world together into powerful private and secure networks, building and managing knowledge and creating efficient workflows to deliver highest quality language services.

Despite groundbreaking work in developing and bringing to market innovative tools like myLogosys, Logos never aspired to become a software house, preferring an agnostic approach, believing technology was a means to an end rather than an end itself.  Logos has always been an early adapter of the industry’s best translation tools, integrated within the company’s home-grown toolset. It was mission critical both to promote interoperability and ensure free flow of data exchange thanks to industry standard formats. Most importantly, it was essential to develop best integration techniques connecting with clients environments.

Logos has and will continue to invest in R&D to develop custom-built solutions for ready integration of language services to embrace most file formats, from static to dynamic, from single transaction projects to continuous localization workflows, through to integration scenarios with a wide range of Content Management Systems. From the beginning, Logos has been an active player in localization serving the largest corporations and leading brands in the world, enabling it to lay the groundwork and expertise deployed today and explaining its readiness to deploy emerging technology.

Bruno Antonini, Chief Operations Officer at Logos reflects on innovation today at Logos. “We avoid the question of whether technology or service comes first, by integrating both seamlessly into our solution. Logos technology is provided freely as part of our solution because without the resources, expertise and time required to implement and maintain our partners’ knowledge assets we simply won’t make the best use of even the finest technology. To avoid technology as a “black box”, we assume the responsibility to ensure we translate responsibly and create a valuable knowledge repository that will be an asset for our clients driving meaningful reuse, cost reduction and efficiency over time.”

“2012 has been a watershed year at Logos. Behind the scenes, we’ve been building on our technologies driving an increasingly efficient translation workflow both internally at Logos and externally with our customer-facing portal, myLogosys. 2013 will be a year for consolidation for us, as we implement and roll-out new feature-rich applications. We’ve focused on delivering greater ease of use and full transparency and scalability. Enhanced features that prove to be the most popular include filtering, searchability and propagation tools that accelerate the workflow while guaranteeing quality control”.

“Our latest tools will bring our global community of proven translation professionals even closer together, passing on these increased efficiencies to our clients, of course.  Our commitment to technology-neutral solutions in translation that avoid lock-in to any supplier and are provided freely as part of our language services at point of need will continue. The unique value proposal Logos brings is adaptability to customize our toolset as we need to, dynamically and continuously thanks to a proactive team always willing to listen to the needs of our clients.  “Our availability and flexibility is what sets us apart from the pack,” adds Carlotta Bulgarelli, Chief Technology Officer at Logos.

Features of myLogosys:

  • Job submission and project management center, tracking projects from enquiry to delivery for “at-a-glance” real-time status reports.
  • Role-based solution, designed to deliver the right information to the user, based on their needs.
  • Customizable and automated email messaging to the user community.
  • Terminology and Translation Memory management.
  • Service and Financial Reporting Center – providing a range of reports tracking timeliness, quality and trends in spend vs. cost avoidance.
  • Collaborative client reviewer portal fully integrated within the translation workflow. E-Review client solution provides status in addition to a workbench promoting faster and comprehensive reviewer collaboration.
  • Forums for FAQs and Q&As among the team of professionals dedicated to your projects.

The commitment at Logos to continuous Knowledge Management Innovation remains at the heart of the company’s culture.  The aim is to be our clients’ “go-to” partner in multi lingual Knowledge Management – easing the burden of translation and becoming a trusted and dependable part of their team. No easy task, when knowledge transfer is mission critical. As our clients develop unique technologies, products, brands and global messages, our work is to convey their unique features and benefits to their global markets locally. Logos brings a vast practical set of skills, not least our investment to the partnership and the infrastructure. Technology plays a crucial role leveraging and connecting it all together, as we help our clients grow their global businesses and make the most of an international marketplace.