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10 Dec

Logos annual Customer Survey 2012 results published

Highest Customer Satisfaction reported in latest Survey from Logos Group

Logos reports exceptional results from its recent annual survey of customer satisfaction for 2012, underlying the company's commitment to continuous improvement. 

"Our 2012 Survey covered more than 1000 respondents" reports Loretta Fontanesi, strategic manager responsible for coordinating the survey. "Questions invited customers to score satisfaction levels on communication, timing and planning, project management, quality (translation and layout) and administration. Overall, customers reported very high satisfaction levels. The survey revealed an improvement in average score up 3% since the last survey in 2011, with an average score of 4 out of 5 (maximum) satisfaction across all questions surveyed. Customers registered 96% positive feedback on completed surveys."

Logos realizes effectively leveraging the results from its annual customer satisfaction surveys as required by its ISO 9001 and EN 15038 Quality Certifications are vital in understanding how to respond to customer's needs in ways  that improve client and employee satisfaction and loyalty. "With customer service and experience industries undergoing rapid change, Logos is highly sensitive to the fact that the quality of our translations plays an essential role in ensuring our clients get ahead in a highly competitive and challenging global marketplace, "states Alessandra Musi, Logos Quality Manager. "However, we see quality as an overall measure of the solution we provide including expertise, responsiveness and reliability of the teams we dedicate to each of our clients. We are committed to measuring all areas of our service solution and constantly seek means to improve how we work."

"Our Customer Satisfaction Surveys is an essential measure of how we are performing in terms of our efforts to combine innovative solutions with a consultancy-led approach to build multi-year partnerships," continues Alessandra. "Our commitment is to provide an end-to-end solution delivered by dedicated teams building custom procedures on industry standard best practices. This has served to make Logos one of the longest serving leading language companies on the world market." Loretta Fontanesi  concludes, "We are pleased with the positive comments endorsing our approach from customers whilst in constant vigilance of opportunities for improvement. Our ongoing mission is to become a trusted member of our customers’ teams and organizations".