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Managing the Supply Chain

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Managing the supply chain

Our rigorous translator resource selection ensures we work with the finest subject matter experts selected for each client to deliver highest quality consistently. We operate in compliance with the International standard ISO 17100, a quality standard developed especially for translation services providers that defines how to deliver consistent quality of the service.

The Human Resources team at Logos screens applicants. An initial assessment of the suitability of candidates is carried out. Translation and review are always performed by mother-tongue professionals based in the target country. We evaluate the following credentials:

  • Academic qualifications in translation and related domains. Formal higher education in translation (recognised degree)
  • Equivalent qualification in any chosen subject domain plus a minimum of two years of documented experience in translating
  • Professional working experience in chosen subject domain through referral. We verify fluency in terminology, subject, style and project typology
  • The outcome of translation tests must be successfully completed after thorough review by Logos Lead Linguists.
  • Years of experience as a translator (minimum 5 years) and  track record for dependability and professionalism
  • Knowledge, use and expertise with translation tools
  • Computational experience
  • Agreement to company terms, including confidentiality (NDA)