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Logos Foundation

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The Logos Foundation celebrates humanity and diversity in our world.  The Foundation promotes cultural exchange by connecting languages and dialects of the world into a community portal.

The Web-based community thrives thanks to many thousands of contributors speaking hundreds of different languages and dialects. The mission of the foundation is to record the languages and dialects of the world as an expression of our individuality and humanity - creating a wealth of culture rooted in locale.

The vision of the Logos Foundation:

  • To preserve the unique knowledge and experience contained within the language of a people, and their community - across their culture, literature, social and current affairs.
  • To provide an equal voice to all languages whether spoken by a majority or a minority.
  • To rank equally the most widely spoken languages side by side with those dialects on the verge of extinction due to globalization.
  • To promote linguistic and cultural diversity.
  • To encourage languages learning, especially among children.

The Foundation is operated as a non-for-profit initiative. We both share and open the doors to those who wish to share their knowledge about their language. We provide free access to search, refine and add to our collective knowledge about languages.

... and so we find ourselves with this simple, two-pronged truism: firstly, we are a community of people speaking the same language and, secondly, speaking it is one of the ways of marking us as human beings.

Octavio Paz, Logos Quotes