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In 1979, Logos was founded as a translation company. Our industry has evolved substantially since then. We have been proud to witness the foundations in modern localization as we know it today.

Logos was an early pioneer and contributer to the development of translation technology, including Translation Memory. During the 90s we were among the first to provide a full outsource solution to IT/software companies, including engineering and testing services. The Logos Foundation has been a true pioneering initiative to promote multilingual knowledge exchange freely across cultures using the Internet.

Today, Logos is one of the leading language solutions companies in the world. Our strong global network has been established over more than 40 years and continues to expand offering 24/7 time zone coverage with regional management operations in Europe, the Americas and Australasia. 

Worldwide, Logos collaborates with more than 3,500 partners supporting translation and professional services across 60 languages.

Here are some of the milestones in our 40-year history as a translation company:


"A Collective Memory" was begun as Logos pioneered central knowledge management in translation. Centralised repositories of terminology and translation context soon became a means to connect a translation community to share and re-use approved translation efficiently.


The graphic design division of Logos was established to provide in-house desktop publishing resources and expertise.


Logos developed one of the first Translation Memory tools on the market.


Logos became a full outsource solution for clients operating in IT/software. Logos established full engineering, testing and localization project management resources in house. Customers could depend on Logos to provide a full outsource localization solution for internationalization, localization, engineering and testing.


- As Logos became the fastest growing translation agency on the European market, the company extended its services, providing support across many of the world’s languages within a full outsource solution.


Long before mass Web search engines came on the scene, Logos pioneered a Logos Dictionary as part of its Foundation project. The launch of the "living dictionary" heralded the Logos Foundation to record, preserve and distribute multilingual content across the languages of the world for the people of the world. This was a pioneering crowd sourcing and community source project in its day. Today, the Logos public dictionary is visited regularly by thousands of contributors and visitors.


A Web-based multilingual library was also launched this year as a free Public resource. "Wordtheque", or as we know today - the Logos Library - provides search of 700 million words of literary classics, novels, technical and scientific texts in 110 languages. The aim of the library was to provide a context search to compliment the Logos Dictionary, to ensure correct usage and promote understanding.


Verba”, a universal multilingual verb conjugator, was a further contribution to the on-line language community and Foundation.


Logosys was pioneered and developed at Logos as an enterprise translation workflow solution to track status from briefing through to delivery and invoicing. myLogosys was also developed to provide customers with a real-time portal to track projects and their relative status.


Logos expanded operations and office locations throughout Europe, including San Sebastian, Spain, the UK, France, Germany and Greece.


Logos consolidated its development of tools for translation, including an open source Translation Memory editor.


The Foundation expanded during these years with a range of resources, notably Arcoiris.TV an on-demand Internet TV project, pioneering in its day. Logos quotes was also launched providing famous quotations from the world’s finest minds.


Logos opened its Asia-Pacific project management centre in Darwin, Australia. Logos established regional operations in the area in recognition of the growing importance of Asia, as a growing market for translation and as an important bridge to develop our language resources locally. Darwin provided Logos with the opportunity to establish a strong English speaking project management team and enabled the company to extend our working day, moving to a 24-hour service model.


Logos Group continues its strong global ranking as a perennial performer among “The Top 20 Language Service Providers” and among the 10 largest, privately owned language service organizations according to Common Sense Advisory, Inc.