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A World of Knowledge

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A world of knowledge

The Logos Foundation was a pioneering initiative from Logos in 1999. It began with the Logos Dictionary, now featuring 7.5 million words. A dictionary was the genesis for a range of language resources in the following years. But, the dictionary was the best place to start. Terminology is always the first critical path to success in translation and is where true domain knowledge of any subject resides.

The vision to use the Internet as a means of collecting knowledge about languages and creating a dynamic community driving its growth was unique in its day. Still innovative among translation companies, Logos continues to invest in the Foundation. We continuously seek to enhance our understanding of our world, our words, their usage, meaning and translation into other languages.

Get connected today. Access millions of words freely across hundreds of languages combining static, dynamic and multimedia content, including images, audio tracks and videos. Join the Foundation community and help us preserve your language.